Sunday, 8 November 2009

Looking Forward

Second post! (now officially my most active blog ever!) Almost as hard to start as the first, but at least I don't have to make a bad (and looking back, barely even funny) joke. Now that's out of the way I thought I'd go on a bit about my plans and what I want to get out of this game.

The big problem with eve is the same thing that makes it so great. The giant space sandbox nature lends itself to player driven open play. At the same time, without any focus or goals to achieve, the open play can quickly become boring. It's a problem a lot of mmos face, but eve really gives the players control of it's world more so than any other online game i've played.

Finding a good corp is a big start to getting some focus. With RPS Holdings, the goal, to loosely quote Eben (our benevolent dictator, aka corp CEO), is to become a CORP not just a corp. Now by that he meant to become a fully independent, competent and many other good words ending in -ent. Basically leading to us not needing to rely on out of corp people and services. Of course this means running a full scale industrial operation that manufactures ships and components, all the way to a hardened battle ready group of combat specialists, able to react to any circumstance.

Personally this is my ideal way to play the game. While I shy away from mining, manufacturing and trade, having a corp with a good variety and balance gives us independence. With all credit to the veteran players in corp they're doing great things with organising but also giving the new players time to find their feet and figure out for themselves what they want to do. Of course everyone is expected to be combat able, for times when combat itself is unavoidable, but at the end of the day we're playing a game to have fun (and for the world domination but why not have fun while you're doing it!).

Now give me any game which gives you freedom in how you play and I'll find a way to turn it into Thief! Being sneaky has always been something I like. So the obvious choice for me is something in the covert ops department. Even though I've for a good few weeks of training before I'm even able to fly the ships, let alone pilot them effectively. Once i'm able to turn invisible I don't really care, I mean I'll be INVISIBLE!

Being invisible is quite literally the what makes or breaks a game for me. Oblivion was crap until I made an overpowered invis spell which would allow me to just vanish from sight and fantastically break the game's AI. Of course EVE does things a lil differently but it's the same effect. They can't see me, I can see them.

With this light bending equipment strapped to the hull of my space rocket it means I'll be heading towards a scouting role. Again something I enjoy. Being responsible for a whole enemy fleet's demise due to my actions will make me quite happy. Them only knowing it was me due to my name floating in local will make me very happy. Space will forever fear Benny Xiii turning up in a system, for it will be the sign of their Death In Fire!

This is all assuming I don't suck at it. In which case I'll be mining an asteroid being a carebear. Lets all hope that day never comes to pass.

(p.s. I love you miners really <3)

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